Online Gaming Addiction

Online gaming is one of the most popular activities to do that has exploded because you the internet. Adults and kids are able to go on their computers and/or game consoles, login to their personal accounts via wifi or through a wired connection. Through connecting to the internet, players are given the ability to join online servers to compete against  or team up with other online gamers to accomplish goals and win the game and/or match. Such games with popular online capabilities are Call of Duty, Battlefield, NBA 2K16, Halo and many more. What we don’t see is that online gaming can affect a person mentally and physically causing an addiction to online gaming.

The addiction can be started based on the game itself. The companies that are making these games and adding the online feature know that they have to make something that will bring gamers back, wanting more each time after playing the respected game. Within the these games, user will find a mode or certain activity within the game that they are drawn to based on the challenge and/or getting the highest score. While being subjected to online gaming from a mental stand point, user will tend to lose interest in hanging out with family or fiends and isolate themselves so they can game more or when they are logged off, gamers sometime start to thing and anticipate the next time they login and think about what game they might or want to play and begin strategizing on how they can win. The affects that are felt from a physical stand point are fatigue (known as “burnt out”). Some users end up cramping or getting carpal tunnel in their hands, headaches or they simply have bad hygiene because they don’t want to leave their screens to shower.

As someone who likes to play video games especially online. I 100% believe that video game addiction is a real thing but it affects me more when it has to do with being online. I know that there are times when I’m itching to get back on Battlefield so I can dominate on conquest or run courts on NBA 2K. I find myself anticipating the next time getting on and will consistently think about it all throughout the day. Whenever I get burnt out from gaming online, I get really bad migraines and my day is usually over. I don’t think that online gaming is a bad thing but it can become bad when you are doing it too much keeping you from experiencing the world that is outside your room.

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Video Game Addiction Symptoms, Causes and Effects


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