SXSW – Monday, 3/13/17

On March 13th, it was the first official, full length day of being in Austin, Texas for the 2017 South By Southwest festival and the city was already packed. People were flooding 6th Street making it a sea of endless people and different directions of current. Though Monday was a free day for myself and the IPR SXSW class, we all took to the streets to venture around and take in the vibes.

For me, Monday was the day to find my sense of direction of downtown, come up on some good Mexican food which I miss dearly in my home state of California and what is hard to find in the state which I am receiving my current education in, Minnesota but the main goal for me that day was to find Austin’s own famous record store, Waterloo.

After walking cutting through and weaving between 12 different blocks on the street, I found Waterloo. As soon as I walked into the store, I was immediately blown away and as I made my way to their vinyl section; I felt like I died. To some people, it just a record store but to me, it was heaven and my wallet wanted no part of it. Even though my goal was to go in, cop a couple of LPs to take back with me to Minneapolis to sample, I only ended getting one which happened to be one of Hip Hop’s greatest albums of all time and one of the best lyricist to ever walk this earth; It was Illmatic by Nas. Now for anyone who truly knows me, you know I wasn’t going to walk out of that store with that album in my hand. I still hope to go back to Waterloo before I leave and find some vinyls to take back to continue the process and growth as a producer in the world of Hip Hop.

Shortly after, myself and the rest of the group decided to go to Z’Tejas Southwestern Grill and munch. Even though, standard Mexican food and Tex Mex are slightly different from each other. I didn’t care cause an enchilada is an enchilada and our waiter Scotty was the chillest waiter we could have had. I highly recommend to anyone who is in Austin at any point to go to Z’Tejas and ask to be waited on by Scotty. He works every day except for Wednesdays ha.

Later that night, myself, Scott, Ben and Jordan went to the Mohawk to catch Chicago’s own Noname who has been climbing up the ladder in the music world and for those who don’t know who she is, check out her music or listen to “Lost” by Chance the Rapper from Acid Rap; You will find her spitting a verse on there. Sadly, we underestimated how long the walk was going be to get to the Mohawk, so we actually missed her set. Once getting in though, I found myself catching two different groups of whom I have never heard of. It is safe to say though, I am officially a fan of the group Sohn and the other group Sylvan Esso.

Monday turned out to be a great way to kick off not only the week but the festival in general. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

***Videos courtesy of Snapchat***

SXSW Crew in Austin

Sylvan Esso



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