SXSW – Tuesday, 3/14/17

As I woke up on Tuesday  with sore legs and feet from endlessly walking all day Monday, I couldn’t help but be excited not only for the festival and what was musically taking that specific day but one of my best and greatest friends from back home in California, who now lives in Houston was making his way westbound to Austin to come kick it and experience the city and festival with me.

The last time I saw PJ before was in the summer of 2016, right before I was heading back to school from break. During that fall quarter, I was able to head back for Thanksgiving but was unable to link up with him and when I went back for Christmas break, he left for Houston the day after I got back from Minneapolis. Since then, we made sure to keep in touch since I told him that I might be heading out to Texas for SXSW. Obviously everything worked out and we got to kick it for the whole day.

Around 2 that afternoon, Pj and I had to split up for about a hour and I had to join my class for the first SXSW panel that we were attending as a class. The panel was titled, “Soundcloud & The New Music Industry” and turned out to be really cool. Megan West who  was there representing Soundcloud held it down. She was describing all the tools that artists and managers have and are capable of using to help build their product. For artist in particular, through their premium accounts, they are able receive very reliable but yet helpful data and information. For example, where are their listener located; sounds creepy right? But It’s not, it’s actually very help and here is why. If you are an artist and have those resources, you can see where that hit single or full length project is being played which can lead to you or your manager to book a show there and help push your music in that specific city or town. I personally think this is a great tool to have and it helps you expand your brand in places where you wouldn’t expect that to happen. There is nothing wrong with creating a new fan base and potentially booking show. Also, that premium account allows artist to specifically see who their top listener is or has been that past month. Through that, artist themselves have been messaging those loyal fans showing absolute love for being behind the artist and allowing them to pursue their dreams as well. Without those true fans, where would the artist be? Something else I found really cool that Megan talked about was the comment section. Now for those who have lefts comments on an artist’s track, we all know that you can choose the placement of your comments. This actually allows the artist to see what his, her or what their fans really think of the track. Now, the majority of those comments are pretty straight forward saying, great song, you killed it and etc but every once in a while, there will be a comment in a specific spot where that fan really liked the drop or break of that beat or lyrics that were said and they let you know. That can be extremely helpful for that artist when it comes to making their next track. Overall the panel was great, the host, Josh Constine was kind of whack though. I felt that there were certain point where he was getting a little confrontational and essentially calling Megan out for not knowing or being able to answer something that wasn’t in her field. Just because she works at Soundcloud doesn’t mean she knows or needs to know anything and everything that is going on there. I just personally felt that it was a little unnecessary but Megan handled herself professionally and gave a flawless panel.

After the panel, I was able to meet back up with PJ and we pretty much venture out and killed till till the Wu-Tang Clan/Erykah Badu but sadly, the venue or the festival messed up on some stuff and PJ was unable to get in because he had a general admissions ticket and not a music badge like myself. But!! That wasn’t going to stop us from having a great time. Instead of the show, PJ and I made our way to 6th Street to where the real parties were happening. We went to a ton of different spots and met a lot of cool people. Even though PJ was only here for one night, we turned out to be a good one and potentially my have night.

PJ, thank you for driving 3 hours out of your way to come and hang out with me for the day.  It’s always a good time when we get together and kick it. Words can’t describe of how much I appreciate you as a person and the friendship that we share. I’m not sure when I’ll get to see you again but no matter what you can guaranteed that I am looking forward to that day. I wish you the best with everything! Till next time, peace & love.

Tuesday turned out to be awesome! I hope Wednesday can live up to last night.

***Video courtesy of Snapchat***

Soundcloud panel 

The homie PJ


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