SXSW – Wednesday, 3/15/17

Today, I woke up with the same feeling. My legs and feet are stupid sore and I think I have a dislocated toe… But! I am excited to get the day going again. The weather has been beautiful so far and being from California but going to school out in Minnesota and experiencing winter; I think everyone knows I’m loving the heat right now. For Today, there are two panels that I am trying to catch. The first one being Artist as CEOs and the second panel is The Influence of Jazz and Improvisation on Hip Hop, Modern Culture & Business.

So at the Artist as CEOs, the speakers were Chandler Coyle of Berklee, Rachael Yamagata who is an artist, Ed Romanoff who is an artist but also the founder and CEO of Pinerock Productions and finally Lee Dannay who is and artist & repertoire for Thirty Tigers. This panel was pretty interesting to me because my dreams are to hopefully be an artist as well but also run an independent label in the future. Ed Romanoff was hitting great points that I couldn’t help but take in. Ed talked about how artist are the ultimate entrepreneurs. Taking risk to build a great team who ultimately produce great products for their consumers. Essentially, you would be creating your own culture with your team and if everyone works well together, you can be an unstoppable force. Ed also stated, “Profit is oxygen.” Basically, this keeps the team together and working well with each other. Everything that Ed mentioned definitely stuck and hopefully when I get my dreams rolling, I’m going to apply those same methods to achieving success. This panel turned out to be a great!

The next I went to was the Jazz and Improv panel and the speakers were Talib Kweli, Christian Scott and Om’mas Keith. This panel honestly blew my mind and between the host and all the speakers, it was extremely interactive which was awesome. What really stuck to me was when Talib was talking about making music. When I was listening to him, I couldn’t help but take the concept he was talking about and relate to football. As an artist or in this case, a Hip Hop artist; It’s like you are a running back in football. The quarterback is the beat and when the ball is handed off to you, that’s your creative idea for the track. Once the running back has the ball, the goal is to score but there most likely will be a linebacker (The obstacle/Challenge) waiting for you in the middle of the field, try to keep you from scoring. As a running back, sometimes you have to run straight up and drop a shoulder at that linebacker to get through him rather than around. Basically, Talib was saying that you have to truck all obstacles to be successful. While in the process of running at those obstacles, you have to be original and making sure that you are delivering. This is only a small portion of what was talked about in this panel but this stuck to me the most.

Honestly, by 7 pm on Wednesday, I was dead. I just had no energy to walk or stay awake. I was pretty burnt out and just wanted to kick back and work on some of my own music. I wanted to see 9th Wonder at the 512 Rooftop but it turned out to be a 21+ show and the two guys I was with from class that night weren’t quite that age so we ended up doing our own thing and eventually went and explored the city again for a little bit.

Wednesday turned out to be a cool yet relaxing night which I needed. Super stoked for Thursday because there are so many musical acts that I want and have to see. Well see what happens.

The Influence of Jazz & Improvisation on Hip Hop, Modern Culture & Business

Artist as CEOs


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